How to stage your home like a pro

In a competitive housing market, the challenge of attracting buyers is becoming increasingly more difficult. For this reason, many owners are choosing to stage their properties, using the tried and tested techniques of proven professionals. Staging a property entails using furniture, ornaments and accessories to decorate a house- thereby creating a ‘home’. This, in turn, makes it easier for prospective buyers to envision themselves living in the house- which makes it more attractive in the long term.

So how do pros stage their houses? The first tip, suggested by a number of professionals, is to use furniture to create the illusion of space. Strategic placement of furniture in a small room, for example, can create the illusion of it being a much bigger space than it actually is. While it may seem counterproductive, to cram small areas with more furniture- many experts argue that it can actually prove effective. When it comes to arranging your furniture in a room, consider trying different positions, until you settle on the most impactful.

Many professionals recommend that you avoid placing furniture against walls, and consider allowing some items to stand alone in smaller rooms instead. Also, some professionals recommend using chairs in corner areas of bedrooms and bathrooms, to create the impression of a larger space. This may vary according to the shape and size of your room, but the concept remains largely the same.

Following a similar theme, many experts recommend that you keep your home meticulously clean- and relative uncluttered. This gives the illusion of space, and will prove infinitely more appealing to potential buyers. Your counters should be clear, with the exception of a few considered soaps or ornaments. Likewise, your floors should be clear and free of any clutter or trash- so consider cleaning between viewings.

As storage is a priority for most buyers, some experts also suggest that you declutter your cabinets. By organizing wardrobes, shelves, and cabinets- you give the impression of ample storage. In the interest of remaining effective, however, don’t empty your shelves or cupboards entirely. Simply remove any clutter, and organize any knickknacks with the intention maximizing space. When it comes to staging, your main goal is to sell an idea, so consider the most effective way to organizes any visible spaces.

The final, and perhaps easiest trick used by staging experts is to manipulate light to your advantage. Light, and in particular natural light, can create the illusion of space and allow sun-facing rooms to enjoy a warm and relaxing ambiance. One easy and inexpensive way to do this is to use any and all windows in the home. This means opening all drapes and curtains and allowing as much natural light as possible to enter the room. However, in rooms that are more reliant on artificial light, you should consider replacing any dimmer bulbs with brighter ones- and perhaps investing in a select number of different lighting fixtures to place throughout your home. This will create space, and generate a sense of peaceful serenity.